About Us

HYDRAO is a world innovation leader in smart solutions for water conservation and management.

HYDRAO is a French water-tech & data startup, based in Grenoble and an active player in the French ecosystem. The company is a member of French Tech, the Minalogic technology cluster and the GreenTech Verte incubator overseen by the French Minister of the Environment.


HYDRAO was born out of a vision: find innovative smart solutions to better manage our water resource.

Being very water-conservation conscious, Gabriel Della-Monica, the inventor and founder of the HYDRAO project, wanted to use smart devices to enable users to become actively involved in water conservation. He also has 4 teenage daughters at home, and was also looking for ways to reduce his water bill and to have some hot water left over in the morning…

Gabriel holds an electronics engineering degree and has worked in telecoms in the European space industry (four Ariane rocket launches), as well as in mass consumer applications (Wifi, telephony, 3/4G…). He set up HYDRAO in the renowned high-technology nano and microelectronics cluster in Grenoble.

After two years of R&D, HYDRAO the world’s first smart showerhead was launched en-2015.

Multiple awards & international recognition

Following the company’s first ever award for Best-in-Innovation from ST Microelectronics, HYDRAO has since garnered numerous awards both in France and abroad: amongst which a 2016 CES Innovation Award and two 2017 CES Innovation Awards for our 2 new prototypes and two 2017 UK Water Efficiency Product Awards from the well-respected NGO Waterwise.


Recognized by the international Water Industry

In September 2016, HYDRAO was one of the first French start-ups selected to join the new Green Tech Verte incubator. Created in the style of the major American incubators, this new structure aims to help develop innovation in sustainable products and services. The aim is to unite the worlds of digital innovation and sustainable energy to enable joint research and development that will help the future economy and society as a whole.

Clean water is an increasingly scarce natural resource, creating environmental, economical, and societal political challenges. By gently encouraging water users to reduce their water usage, HYDRAO can help organizations and consumers make a significant positive impact on the environment and on water spending. HYDRAO solutions combine simplicity and enjoyment, with sophisitcated smart-water technology to empower users and make their impact a reality.

Supported by the European Union

HYDRAO is supported by the European Union with the ERDF program (European Regional Development Fund).


70% savings on water thanks to HYDRAO for end consumers.

HYDRAO's mission is to provide technological solutions to preserve water resources that reconcile ecology, pleasure and purchasing power. Innovation, the environment and the customer experience are the values ​​we carry through our products and services.

HYDRAO drives 70% water savings under the shower.