Yes, we ship our products to EU member countries (including the UK) as well as the United States.
Yes, the screw threads are standard, so it is as simple as unscrew your old showerhead and screw your new HYDRAO Shower on your standard flexible hose. If you live in the United States of America, where the shower standard is sligthly different, we recommend you choose our US Pack including HYDRAO Shower, a flexible hose and a T adaptor.
HYDRAO Shower is equipped with a micro-turbine which supplies the power to the shower head thanks to the water flow. No battery is needed!
During your shower you can turn off the water as long as 3 minutes to soap without loosing your current shower data. After 3 minutes the shower head considers you have finished your shower.
First check you have the right pressure for the showerhead to operate. As you already know, HYDRAO Shower doesn’t have any battery as its turbine harvest the energy of the water flow. Plug in your HYDRAO Shower (if not already done) and open the tap. Move the showerhead upwards so that the water flow is directed upwards like a fountain. Measure the height of the water flow. It has to be higher than 70cm (27 inches) so that HYDRAO operate correctly, this is equivalent to 1,5bar.If you don’t have the required water pressure and your HYDRAO Shower hasn’t been used (except for the pressure test), unscrew, dry for 24h, replace into the packaging and contact our support team by filling in the form below. We will guide you through the procedure to send HYDRAO Shower back and will proceed with the refund at reception of your HYDRAO Shower.
HYDRAO Shower First is designed to limit your water consumption while optimising the turbine performances for the lights. Therefore, even if the tap is completely open, your water consumption - with 3 bar - is limited to 9L/min with the excess flow valve (Class A) and 11L/min without the valve (Class B).
In order to warranty the best possible experience with HYDRAO Shower, the water flow limiter should only be used if the water pressure at the showerhead is above 2 bar. First, check your HYDRAO Shower works perfectly without the excess flow valve (colors, Bluetooth connectivity, pressure: the height of water flow should be higher than 100m (40 inches) when you turn your HYDRAO Shower upwards). Then, unscrew HYDRAO Shower and insert the excess flow valve into the end of the showerhead following the arrow (washer at the bottom) as specified in the Quick Start Guide. Screw your HYDRAO Shower back on the flexible hose. The flow will then be limited to 9L/min. We do not recommend to withdraw the excess flow valve (warranty is cancelled in this case), but if you still wish to do so, it is possible to take it out using with precaution a simple tool such as a corkscrew, a paperclip or a screwdriver.
No, HYDRAO Shower is simple to use for everyone. The shower head comes with preset thresholds, a smartphone is not needed for an immediate use. However, the use of a smartphone is required for changing thresholds and colors, as well as monitoring you water consumption through the app HYDRAO Smart Shower.
In order to connect to HYDRAO Shower you need a smartphone that works with Android or iOS and is at least Bluetooth 4.0 capable.
The shower head uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you to establish a connection within a few meters.
No, the shower head is equipped with an internal memory capable of storing up to 200 showers, meaning you can connect once from time to time without loosing your shower data.
It is required to give the app HYDRAO localisation permission, because Android requires localisation to be activated for the Bluetooth to function. On your smartphone, select Settings > Applications > HYDRAO > Permissions > Localisation : Allow
For now it is only possible to retrieve data via the application. In the future We will develop an API for our shower head to be able to communicate with such devices.
The HYDRAO Shower has a 1 year warranty. In order to lengthen its lifetime, we recommend you soak it for 12h into white vinegar once or twice a year in order to eliminate limescale.

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