HYDRAO Shower, smart and responsible

With HYDRAO Shower, saving water becomes a game: up to 70% savings.

For a family of 4, your payback is in mere months.

HYDRAO is simple to use and is perfect for all the family.

That’s good for the planet and your wallet !

HYDRAO Shower drives:

150€ SAVINGS Measured per person per year*

An average shower in the EU is around 75L.
HYDRAO Aloé monitored showers have an average of 18L.

HYDRAO leverages on behavioural change and on its water efficient design to obtain these results.

Water usage
Water and energy savings : 0.42€

Monitor your water usage

The lights change in real time based on your water usage.

YOU decide when to stop.

You want to raise your children awareness about environmental issues or stop having cold showers because you're the last one showering in the morning, HDYRAO helps you to manage your water usage in real time.

The perfect shower

Thanks to our water saving design, have a shower and relax. Our range of showers have flow limiters that reduce the water flow down to WaterSense standards without reducing the comfort.

Technology at its best

1. Powered by the shower’s natural water-flow, no external power supply is needed.
2. HYDRAO changes colors based on your water usage,
3. and sends data to the app so that you can monitor your savings.

Monitor your water usage thanks to the free app