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Saving water becomes a color game!
That’s good for the planet and your wallet!


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HYDRAO Shower, your eco-friendly shower coach

With HYDRAO Shower, saving water becomes a game.
Changes color based on your water and energy usage.
You can track your savings progress with the HYDRAO app!

HYDRAO is simple to use and is perfect for all the family

With HYDRAO you will save water AND money! For a family of 4, your payback is in mere months

HYDRAO allows you to realize and adjust your water consumption. Saving up to 56% of water per shower

The showerhead comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology

Measure your savings

Save twice by cutting your water and heating usage!

Average number of showers (per housesold, per day)
Water Price *
Economy Goal
Energy Cost *

* average cost recorded in France

Savings per year with HYDRAO