Putting technology at the service of the ecological transition

It all started in the mind of Gabriel Della Monica, the inventor and leader of the HYDRAO project.

As a telecom engineer who is very sensitive to the preservation of the environment, Gabriel wishes to use connected objects to make the consumer a key player in the ecological transition. He sees in these technologies a chance and an opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and to face climate change.

The observation that drinking water is wasted on a daily basis and when travelling

2 experiences focuses on the issue of water and its use in the shower.

As the father of four daughters who take full advantage of the shower at home, Gabriel is trying to find ways to make his family aware of the waste of hot water in the shower. Apart from being ecologically sound, this over-consumption also weighs heavily on his water and energy bills.
On a trip with his family to the Greek island of Hydra. On this island, the locals get their drinking water from container boats. Gabriel was surprised to learn from his hotelier that this was due to the overconsumption of water by tourists, especially when showering.

After two years of development and a patent application, the first version of an ecological, educational and connected showerhead is finally ready in 2015.

They rewarded us

After an initial recognition from ST Microelectronics, which awarded the innovation prize to HYDRAO, numerous awards in France and internationally followed:

- 2015: Grand Prize of the Jury of the EDF Intelligent Energy Competition, BREF Innovation Trophy Rhône-Alpes, French IoT Prize

- 2016: CES Innovation Award 2016 & the Grand Prix d'Or de l'Innovation de la Foire d'Automne de Paris

- 2017: 2 CES Innovation awards in 2017, England's Waterwise efficiency Grand Prix, United Utilities Award

- 2019 : Booking Booster award, Prix Famae

Supported by the European Union

HYDRAO is supported by the European Union through the ERDF programme (European Regional Economic Development Fund).

Supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

HYDRAO is supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region