Preserving drinking water for future generations

At HYDRAO we are focused on promoting the best possible use of drinking water
We believe that we can best support ''Saving the planet" by encouraging everyone to become aware of their own over-consumption of drinking water
We want to empower you to act and work with us.

A reality that flows from truth

Drinking water appears to be an accessible and inexhaustible resource. Yet accessible drinking water represents  less than 1% of the world's water.

The increasing number of droughts in Europe and around the world underlines the need for better water management.

As the worldwide use of water continues to grow, there is an urgent need to understand and reduce our consumption of drinking water to the benefit of future generations.

But water and the energy used in production remain the forgotten part of everyday environmental action programs.

Our mission

As a responsible and environmentally focused business, we are committed to raising the level of public awareness in order to limit the avoidable waste of drinking water. We seek to educate through providing engaging and innovative products.

"Preserving drinking water for future generations through the application of technology''

Our technologies are practical and have a positive environmental impact, which is why we choose to offer battery free operation. All our products are self-powered via a micro-turbine.

Raise awareness in particular about the over-consumption of water from showering

Often considered as a means of relaxation, the shower is often the point of highest water consumption in the home (40%). (Source: Ademe)

The energy cost of a shower is also important. Some 13% of the energy consumed in a household is used to heat water. (Source: Ademe)

But as we know imposing restictions and 'guilt-tripping' individuals rarely leads to a lasting change in personal behaviour. We have chosen to base our technology on a gentle and engaging 'nudge' tactic so that everyone is made aware of and makes the positive choice to take ownership of their own consumption.

A team determinated to force through a real change

At Hydrao we are a team of 18 committed and pragmatic people. We are all environmentally aware and we start every new day determined to pursue our fight to reduce the waste of drinking water.

Supported by the wider team and our worldwide partners, our dedicated R&D team of engineers work every day to improve our products and to develop new technologies. We are all are equally committed to reducing shower based water consumption in private homes, new & refurbished commercial buildings, hotels, campsites and sports facilities.