Anti-torsion shower hose

Anti-torsion shower hose

High quality smooth reinforced PVC shower hose FC1/2

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• Perfect fit with the Aloe showerhead

• Ultra strong and flexible

• Anti-kink (constant flow guarantee)

• Double rotation nut

• Available in 2 sizes and 2 colours

The Hydrao shower hose for absolute comfort !

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We answer your questions

The installation of our hose is very simple. You just have to unscrew the old hose (sometimes with pliers if it has been there for a long time...) and install the HYDRAO hose in its place by screwing well at both ends.

The size of the shower hose depends on the user's morphology! You should base your choice on the tallest person and add about 20cm. It also depends on whether you want to use it on a walk-in shower mixer (i.e. a high mixer) or on a bathtub rim (low mixer).

Our smooth shower hose makes cleaning ultra easy! When you clean your shower, simply wipe the entire length with a sponge. With no grooves or bumps, the PVC hose is very easy to clean!

Yes, its dimensions are standardised, which allows our universal shower hose to be adapted to other shower heads. But it's a shame, it looks so good with a Hydrao economy shower head!

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

A smooth shower hose for a comfortable shower experience

The pleasure of showering can quickly be altered by poor quality equipment. Insufficient or inconsistent flow, dirt on the equipment and various leaks, long live innovative equipment!

Robust, practical, aesthetic and durable, choose the indestructible Hydrao shower hose!

An innovative...and indestructible shower hose !

Unbreakable reinforced PVC shower hose

Like the rest of the HYDRAO product range, the shower hose is designed to be as durable as possible over time. Its composition in reinforced PVC makes it a solid and reliable object. This high quality material provides an innovative shower experience and a guarantee of comfort over time!

The double rotating nut system: a Hydrao innovation!

Contrary to its counterparts on the market, our shower hose has double turning nuts (and not single). This difference is very important: it is impossible for the hose to twist and turn! It is unbreakable and therefore durable. The presence of this double nut allows the simple and spontaneous rotation of the Hydrao shower head as well as a greater flexibility of movement at the mixer. This innovation combines comfort with an ecological product.

A practical, aesthetic and design shower hose

Our shower hose is anti-slip


The HYDRAO anti-spin shower hose allows an incredible flexibility in the movement of the shower head. Twisting is not only unpleasant but also damages the material!


Thanks to a system present at the ends of the flexible hose, there is no variation of the water flow, the shower comfort is maintained!


Unlike a metal hose, the reinforced PVC hose with a smooth surface guarantees the protection of the surrounding equipment: bathtub rim, soap dish etc...


No more hair getting stuck in the grooves of a metal hose! No more nasty surprises with this smooth shower hose!


Our shower hose has a smooth surface, which makes it very easy to clean and ensures that there is no build-up of mould and bacteria that could develop with humidity.

Several colours available for a trendy bathroom!

Our black or metallic grey shower hose will perfectly match the atmosphere of your bathroom. Matching your taps or surfaces, our equipment (shower heads and hoses) are in line with current trends.

Its smooth finish and its solid and flexible material give it a very qualitative and aesthetic aspect to match your interior ambiances.

So, do you prefer a minimalist black atmosphere or vintage grey?