Yucca Rain showerhead

Yucca Rain showerhead

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- Average of 22.5 L per shower (compared to 100 L in France)

- Overview of water consumption thanks to coloured LEDs.

- 250€ savings per year/person (electricity and water)

- Mobile application for monitoring consumption (optional)

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Your questions are answered

Yes, the rain shower is programmed to allow you a soaping time between 1 second and 1:59 minutes.
If you turn on your shower head within this time, the shower in progress is still counted!

No, we have chosen a soft pedagogy, the head shower flashes beyond the red level to encourage you to finish the shower quickly.

No, it's easy! Our overhead shower is universal, it adapts to any flexible hose, you just have to screw it on and it's done!
If you wish, you can complete your purchase with an anti-twist hose here!

Yes, all your HYDRAO equipment can be connected to the Hydrao mobile application in order to follow the consumption per equipment and per shower.

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

HYDRAO Yucca, the economical, ecological and connected rain sky

For nearly 30 years, the bathroom has no longer been confined to the washing area. It has become a real place of well-being and relaxation.
The appearance of new equipment has made it possible to enjoy the benefits of water in the home: like a spa at home!
But well-being and relaxation often mean spending a long time in the shower... At the expense of our wallet and the environment.

The solution to reconcile the two? The economical and ecological HYDRAO Yucca rain canopy.

A comfortable and stylish rain canopy

A real wellness accessory, Yucca offers a new shower experience, with a massaging and relaxing effect.

Thanks to more than 50 nozzles, the Yucca rain sky delivers thousands of drops of water like a fine rain on the skin. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time, the Yucca rain jet provides a comfortable feeling of being enveloped by water.

A matt black rain sky: we adapt to new trends!

In order to adapt to the constant evolution of design, Hydrao offers a matt black rain shower head, completely trendy and totally comfortable! To give your bathroom an industrial and minimalist design, the matt black rain canopy brings a lounge and cosy atmosphere. It is also a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

An eco-responsible rain canopy

All comfort yes, but a rain roof with reduced flow

The rain shower is very greedy in water. Relaxation, relaxation and the search for comfort often rhyme with a long time under the shower! (Approximately 8 minutes for a traditional shower against 15 minutes for a rain shower!) It is therefore essential to find a way of not consuming too much water without tarnishing the comfort of the shower.

Hydrao Yucca offers a head shower with a flow rate of 6.6 L per minute, compared to an average of 20 L/minute for other rain showers!

We raise awareness without making people feel guilty with the Nudge approach.

With a water-saving rain sky that lights up, we gently educate ourselves!

It's an approach called Nudge, or "coup de pouce" in French. We have chosen to use colour to educate people in a benevolent way. It is a universal language that allows children and teenagers (and even older ones ;)) to reduce their time in the shower thanks to the coloured message. We encourage without forcing!

Yucca, an economical rain sky!

A shower head whose colour changes according to your consumption

Our Hydrao Yucca design and economic rain head uses LEDs as indicators of your consumption over the course of the water.

The rain sky lights up as soon as you start your shower. It changes colour according to the amount of water used. At the beginning it lights up green and changes colour every 10 litres of water used. This makes it easier to see how much water is going down the drain!

Let's reduce water and electricity bills together!

Hydrao Yucca allows you to challenge the members of your household! Whether you are sharing a flat, a family or a community house, the luminous shower sky allows you to unite around a common objective: not to exceed....The red, then the pink, then the blue...and even stay in the green! Children and adults participate together in a common project at home.

A connected rain sky to monitor consumption in real time.

The free HYDRAO application

The Hydrao application is free and optional! You can just use the predefined colour thresholds, which are excellent indicators and a source of motivation to change your behaviour!

The mobile application associated with our knobs allows 2 important things:

Customised change of colour thresholds

Are you more purple than pink? You want to reduce your consumption even more by lowering the coloured thresholds? That's what the application is for! Take control of your hand shower to customise it as you wish.

Real time feedback so you can follow up

Thanks to the showerhead's connectivity, you can track your consumption history. No need to connect to each shower (the shower head can store up to 200 showers). Bluetooth connectivity.

With the ecological and economical Hydrao Yucca rainfall system, reconcile shower comfort and responsible consumption!

Technical Specifications
Hydrao Yucca
Heights : 80 mm
Diameter : 230 mm
Showerhead : 560g
Matte Black
One jet
Flow rate
6,6L/min with flow restrictor (included accessories)
9,5L/min without flow restrictor
Protection against lime-scale
Spray diffuser in silicon
Yucca Rain Showerhead
Flow restrictor
Mesh washer
Flowmeter bag
Thanks to ecological flow
68% with a flow at 6,6L/min compared to a standard showerhead (12L/min)
Thanks to nudge
15 to 20% reduction
Universal screw
Fits standard 1/2" format
Mineral build-up maintenance
Clean with white vinegar 2 to 4 times/year depending on local water hardness
Number of LEDs
5 LEDs for real-time feedback on water usage levels
Min. water pressure required
0.8 bar at the tap outlet approximately 4.5L / min of outgoing flow
Thanks to a turbine activated by the flow of water
Patented technology
IP rating
IP65 (protection against moisture)
Low Energy 4.0
IOS / Android
Incompatible models
Xiaomi mi 9
Xiaomi A2 Lite
Xiaomi mi A1
Xiaomi Redmi 9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Samsung A8 2018
Samsung A20 e
Samsung A41 (SM-A415F)
Oppo Reno 2Z (sous Android 10)
2 years
In compliance with § 17 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance ("Deutsche Trinkwasserverordnung")
WELS niveau 3 étoiles (certification n° S14173)