Flow control valves x3

Flow control valves x3

Set of 3 aerators with male and female rings

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• To reduce the water flow of the taps in the house

Flow rate 5L/min instead of 12L!

Comfortable aerated jet

Easy and quick installation

Hydrao aerators to go even further in savings!

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Like our eco-friendly shower head, simply soak the aerator in white vinegar for a few hours before replacing it. nc for a few hours before replacing it. This will remove limescale and impurities.

No, the flow is constant and our aerator has the Watersense label, 100% comfort!

A hand-washer in the toilet, the kitchen faucet and the bathroom sink, each room in the house has its own water-saving device!

And yes, the foamer mixes air and water, so it takes a little longer to fill the pot with water. On the other hand, much less water is used to wash your hands for example!

And many more answers in our FAQ just here !

The faucet aerator for a reasoned water consumption in the whole house house!

Using a faucet aerator is an invisible, yet invaluable "little extra" for water savings at home!
Coupled with other water saving equipment in the house (ecological shower head, volume bag in the toilet, etc.), the faucet aerator can reduce domestic water reduce domestic water consumption by almost two thirds!
Let's not forget that we wash our hands and take our shower with drinking water!

Le mousseur du robinet pour une consommation d'eau raisonnée
Le mousseur aérateur

The aerator, an accessory that changes daily life!

A conventional faucet drains 12 liters of water per minute about. When we know that the price of water has increased considerably in recent years (3€ for 1m3 of cold water and 7€ for 1m3 of hot water), it is enormous! for 1m3 of hot water), it is enormous!

The use of a faucet aerator then changes your daily life...without you even noticing! without you noticing! It is invisible to the naked eye since it is hidden in the faucet and yet it will change many parameters for you, for the planet and for your wallet!

    Our kit contains:

  • - 3 aerators for faucets with flow rate of 5L per minute
  • - 3 seals
  • - 1 instruction manual

Saving water on a daily basis

Thanks to the mixing of air and water and the reduction of the water passage space, the water savings are estimated to be water savings of around 60%! In fact, thanks to the faucet aerator, the flow rate goes from 12L to 5L per minute, the savings are quickly felt!
The water saver then becomes an excellent accessory to complement other tools in the home to reduce to reduce your ecological footprint and your bills! An important reminder: water from and taps accounts for 40% of our daily water consumption, compared to only 1% for drinking water. for drinking it.

Le mousseur aérateur

Reduced flow rate at the faucet while maintaining comfort

The primary function of the mousseur is to reduce the amount of water that comes out of the faucet. For this, it relies on 2 fundamental techniques. The purpose of our jet regulator is to reduce the flow tap water to limit water consumption.

The Venturi effect

The faucet aerator uses what is called the Venturi effect. It is an effect of fluid dynamics. fluid dynamics. Without being great physicists, it is important to understand that the aerator constrains the flow space of the water and therefore brings an additional pressure without increasing the the amount of water used. This gives the impression that we are still using as much water when in fact it is the the aerator is actually working!

the mixture of air and water

The innovation of our aerator is its principle of mixing air and water. Indeed, aerating the jet by adding air by adding air allows the user to keep the sensations and it is the pressure of the air that will give pressure that gives the pleasant sensation of an aerial jet and considerably reduces the quantity of water of water actually used.

A comfortable flowing sensation

Thanks to the flow space narrowed by the gasket and the integrated strainer in the allows you to keep the flow of water identical flow sensation. No little trickle of water but an that allows you to wash your hands properly or do your dishes without discomfort.

The flow rate of 5L per minute of our faucet aerator offers a self-regulated flow, that is a constant flow, the feeling of flow is uninterrupted and fluid. Reducing water consumption in the bathroom or kitchen rhymes with comfort!

un débit réduit
Installation simple et rapide

Quick and easy installation

The faucet aerator is a nozzle that is placed on the faucet to achieve great water savings in the home. water savings in the home on a daily basis.

This small plumbing component is attached to a grid at the outlet of the faucet. It will allow a filtering of water, a channeling of the jet according to the necessary flow, but also to avoid splashes.

Like all the products offered by Hydrao, the faucet aerator is easy to install and can be used without any and can be used without any particular technical knowledge.

How do I install a mousseur on my faucet?

The mousseur is installed directly and very simply on the kitchen or bathroom faucet bathroom faucet? First of all, you will have to check the outlet of the faucet to determine if it is male or female, in order to place the mousseur correctly. (Both models are supplied in the Hydrao kit).

    It is important to follow these steps when installing the aerator:

  • 1) Unscrew the brass ring from the valve
  • 2) Remove the old aerator and replace it with the aerator
  • 3) Screw on the ring by inserting the male (thick) or female (thin) seal
Instalation simple et rapide