Home automation gateway

Home automation gateway

Home automation box to follow your consumption under the shower

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• Track your water consumption shower by shower

• Track shower behaviors

• Automatically update your consumption history

• Easy configuration with the HYDRAO app

• Quick and easy installation

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Our connected gateway allows you to understand the origin of your energy and financial leakage. For example, if you know that your children's showers consume the most water your children's showers, for example, you can then take action to reduce their then act accordingly to reduce their shower time.

No! Once you have installed your home automation gateway via the the HYDRAO application, you don't need to think about it anymore. All you have to do is the application or on the my.hydrao.com website to access your consumption history.

Nothing could be easier!
You just have to connect your home automation object to one of the sockets in your bathroom. Then, you just have to start it with the HYDRAO application. Once this is done, you can access done, you can access your consumption data on the application or on the website the my.hydrao.com website.

The HYDRAO connected gateway is compatible with our Aloe and Yucca heads !

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

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Modernize your shower experience with the HYDRAO connected gateway

Your HYDRAO shower head has won you over, but now you want to go further in the management of your water your water consumption? We have the solution for you: the HYDRAO home automation gateway!

Go from a global vision to a precise vision of your water consumption

HYDRAO showerheads and the application that accompanies them, already allow you to have access to a certain amount of information concerning your water consumption. access to a certain amount of information about your water consumption. However, with However, with HYDRAO connect, you will benefit from a precise and detailed follow-up of your water and energy consumption. Indeed, our connected gateway you allows you to time-stamp your showers. In this way, you can for example know the exact consumption of your exact consumption of your shower of 7:54 am.

No more water and money leaks!

By allowing you to have access to your water consumption shower by shower, HYDRAO connect gives you the opportunity to understand the origins of your water consumption, and thus to find solutions to manage it better. For example, if it becomes obvious that that your teenager spends too much time in the shower, you can define together a level to reach. to reach. Thanks to our HYDRAO connected knobs, to you water and money savings!

Home automation made easy

Quick and easy installation

To install HYDRAO connect, nothing could be easier! Just plug in your connected object to one of the outlets in your bathroom. You then only have to install your connected gateway with HYDRAO App. Once this is done, you can delete the application from your phone (and gain memory). memory). Then log on to my.hydrao.com to access your consumption history, or keep the or keep the application and access your consumption data directly on it. on it.

Once installed, no need to think about it anymore

No need to sync your pommel to your app every week to make sure your data is to make sure your data is up to date! Your connected gateway updates automatically once it is installed. You can then access your then access your information either via the application or via the my.hydrao.com website.
And of course, HYDRAO connect is compatible with all our Aloe and Yucca heads.

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