Showerhead + Rain Showerhead

Showerhead + Rain Showerhead

Practical and economical shower set

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• 2-in-1 pack for even more savings

• Water consumption overview with colored LEDs

• Comfortable 3-jet and rain shower

• Mobile app to track consumption

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Nothing could be simpler ! The Aloe head and the Yucca rain canopy both fit any hose, just screw them on and you're done! You can install your rain sky on the wall or ceiling.

The shower head is mobile and handy. It can be used as a high shower head (on a shower rod) or it can be held by the consumer. With our shower head, you can enjoy 3 different jets: rain shower, massage shower and mixed shower. The rain shower is more recent and very trendy! It offers the sensation of being under a warm rain and promises a real moment of well-being.

HYDRAO shower heads have been designed to make your life easier! Thanks to their anti-scale pins, you can simply wipe the surface of the knob with a sponge whenever you feel the need. We also advise you to clean them with white vinegar twice a year to preserve their quality.

The shower head must deliver its various jets correctly. When the shower head gets old, it can become loaded with scale or simply break. In this case, it's time to think about replacing it, and why not with our HYDRAO shower heads!

And many more answers in our FAQ just here !

An all-in-one shower pack!

You don't know what to choose? A rain shower head rain effect, a adjustable hand shower ? Look no further, our pack allows you to combine both with our famous Aloe with the Yucca Rain Sky !

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A shower with two heads for a real moment of relaxation

Enjoy a real moment of escape with our massage pommels

A shower with 2 heads ! What more could you ask for? You can alternate the type of shower you take according to your desires, and enjoy a moment of complete of relaxation.
With the Yucca head shower, let yourself be carried away into another world! This large rain shower head envelops your body with thousands of fine drops of water for a moment of total relaxation.
The Aloe shower head also allows you to escape thanks to its adjustable knob that purpose 3 massaging jets.

A shower that blends in with the rest of your bathroom

Whether it is to decorate your Italian shower or to match the rest of your bathroom, the Aloe + Yucca pack is available in two colors. two colors. Chrome for a luminous shower that goes with everything or matte black for a modern shower and timeless.

An economical shower that puts a smile on your face

No more cold showers at the end of the month because no more hot water!

By encouraging you to reduce your water consumption, the color levels also allow you to save money. you to save money. The less water you use and heat, the less you spend! you spend! The HYDRAO hand shower saves on average 130€ per person per year while the the Yucca shower roof allows to save 250€ per person per year compared to a shower ceiling standard shower tray.

A shower that fits in your pocket

To learn more about your consumption, you can also download the application that allows you to access detailed information about your shower time, the exact the exact amount of water used per shower, per month... Thanks to our connected shower, protecting the planet becomes a child's play!

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