Showerhead + Shower Hose

Showerhead + Shower Hose

Hand shower and screw-in hose

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• Innovative concept

• Economical package

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When choosing a shower hose, the most important thing is to look at the length length of the hose. This depends on the size of the person and the size of the shower. shower. The taller you are and the larger the shower, the longer the long hose.

The HYDRAO shower head is very easy to install, just screw it to your shower hose to your shower hose, whether it is ours or another one.

In addition, our shower pack allows you to save 10% on the total purchase on the total purchase of the two articles.

If you change your old shower hose for our HYDRAO, we advise you to sell it or give it away if it is still reusable or to throw it away in a waste disposal center if it is not, in order to make sure that it will be recycled in the right way. in the right way.

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

A shower head and flexible hose guaranteed 100% savings

Une shower head with flexible hose easy to installation, a economical shower head for motorhome, a shower for the kids...? Look no further, this pack contains everything you need!

Une salle de bain écologique

A quality shower for a more ecological bathroom

A shower pack that stands the test of time

Our Shower pear aswell as our screw-in shower hose have been thought to last in time. The mechanisms and materials with which they have been designed allow the shower head with to resist to shocks while remaining light and easy to handle.

A design that is both elegant and practical

Nothing could be easier than to install our shower hose with shower head, just screw them together. Also remember to choose the color you like color you like, chrome for a retro shower or black for more modernity, and the length of the flexible hose that best suits your needs (1.5m or 2m).

Une salle de bain écologique

A moment for you but also for the planet

An adjustable shower head for a moment of well-being total

Even with its low-flow shower head, our shower head still provides a powerful water jet. In addition, you can take full advantage of your moment of relaxation thanks to its water jets massaging interchangeable. You can also customize the knob in your own way by choosing the colors You can also customize the pommel in your own way by choosing the colors you like most for the leds.

A shower head with light for a reasonable consumption

As you probably already know, the color levels allow you to have a precise idea of the amount of water you consume, and therefore of the amount of water you are using, and therefore encourages you to reduce your time in the shower. the shower. Our goal is to inform in order to make people more responsible, and therefore to to preserve our limited drinking water resources. Thus, thanks to our shower head showerhead, the consumer becomes an actor of his own consumption.

un moment pour la planète