WC water saving bag

WC water saving bag

Eco toilet bag to reduce the amount of water used in the toilet

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Universal: fits all tanks

• Saves up to 2L per flush

Easy and quick installation thanks to the hook

The toilet saver bag for less water in the pipes!

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No, once in place, the eco toilet bag does not require any particular maintenance to function over time.

Depending on how full it is (about 1.5L) you will save that much water with each flush. Our bag has a capacity of 2L, that's 2L less for each flush if it is filled to the maximum. With 4 flushes per day, you save 2920L per person per year!

No, it's easy! Thanks to its universal hook, it hangs inside your flush tank and becomes invisible on a daily basis!

A 1.5l plastic bottle will also do if you have that in the cupboards!

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

Save water in the toilet: the essential gesture with a bag toilet water saver

Each flush uses an average of 10L of water.

Toilet water consumption represents 20% of our water consumption at home. Knowing that we go to the toilet 4 times a day on average, this represents nearly 40L per person per person per day !

There is a simple way to reduce this consumption, the water saving bag, which can be put in place in one go. the water saving bag.

Save water in the toilet, a daily gesture (almost) without effort!

Quick and easy installation

In less than 30 seconds, lhe toilet bag is in place! It is compatible with all flushes flushes. Using the grey hook provided for this purpose, you hang the bag inside the water tank, previously filled with bag filled with tap water (partially or completely (partially or completely, more or less 1.5L).

The red cap anti-evaporation will allow the bag to remain at a constant volume without having to to worry about refilling the bag.

Use of the toilet similar to your habits

Adding a water-saving toilet bag does not change your toilet habit. It flush more efficiently, you can keep deodorizing and anti-bacterial equipment on the toilet deodorizing and antibacterial equipment inside the bowl inside the bowl, the bag will be invisible during your daily use!

The comfort is maintained since the water pressure remains the same, the bag simply allows to use less volume of water, but it will be almost invisible!

The complementarity of the toilet saver bag with HYDRAO sanitary products

Like all products in the HYDRAO range, the toilet water saver bag is made of material solid and robust, which allows it to be resistant to mould and to last over time. time.

Coupled with your HYDRAO equipment in the bathroom, it becomes even easier to save drinking water at home!