Shower set (bar + head + hose)

Shower set (bar + head + hose)

Ensemble support mural et douchette 3 jets avec flexible

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• Easy installation

• HYDRAO Aloe lighted shower

• Shower hose with swivel nut

• Energy and money saving

• Connected shower with mobile app

• Strong and durable

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The shower bar is fixed to the wall, usually above the shower faucet. shower faucet. Drill a hole to match the diameter of the dowels you will use. Fill the holes with silicone and insert the plugs with a mallet. Start by attaching the top bracket of the shower bar. Snap the shower bar into the bottom the bottom bracket and assemble it into the top bracket. Be careful to position the the slider so that the hand shower support is on the right. Then you just have to screw one end of the hose to the shower faucet and the other end to the shower head, and that's it, it's done!

A standard shower consumes an average of 60L of water, while with a HYDRAO shower With a HYDRAO shower, this average goes down to only 20L of water per person (6.6L/minute). This also allows to save 130€ of money per year per person!

Nothing could be easier! The colored levels allow you to know more or less how many liters of water how many liters of water have already flowed. The knob starts with the green color from 0 to 10L of water consumed then it changes color every 10L. To know your water consumption shower by shower, you can download the application HYDRAO. For more information, click on the tab Our concept A free mobile application free of charge.

For the moment we only sell the HYDRAO shower set on the HYDRAO website. HYDRAO, however you can already buy the Aloe shower head in store at Leroy Merlin or on Amazon.

And many more answers in our FAQ right here !

A connected shower set to learn how to better manage your water consumption

With our wall-mounted shower set, saving water and money and money has never been easier!

pommeau aloé

Innovative technologies for an eco-responsible shower

A shower head with LEDs for a soft incitement

And yes! This shower set includes our famous Hydrao Aloe shower head! The color levels of the illuminated knob warns the consumer of the amount of the amount of water they are running. To avoid using batteries that are not very ecological, we have chosen batteries that are not very ecological, we have chosen to use a shower head propeller shower which is at the origin of the light! Ingenious isn't it? It is also possible to follow in real time your exact water consumption for each shower thanks to our free mobile application HYDRAO!

A shower hose with strong and durable support

Our 1.5m shower hose is made of double nut-turn system and PVC Reinforced which guarantee the quality and durability of the product! It is perfectly adapted to the Aloe shower head and is very easy to screw on.

With our economic shower, say goodbye to stress!

An ecological and perfectly relaxing shower

An eco-responsible shower doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your comfort: Just like the ball shower heads, our knob Aloe keeps limescale away thanks to its adapted nubs and allows you to choose between 3 massaging shower jets ! To fill it all in, our shower head is withits shower hose that won't twist or bend, ensuring ensuring a steady flow of water! The smooth surface of the anti-twist shower hose also makes it more hygienic. Our wall-mounted shower set therefore guarantees you a moment of absolute relaxation!

No more water and money leaks with our shower kit

Not only does this shower set combine ecology and comfort, but it also makes you smile at the end at the end of the month when you receive your bill! The light shower encourages a reduction in shower time shower and thus allows you to save water and money considerably! In addition, the quality of our shower bar and the flexible hose guarantee their durability. You'll quickly notice that your shower set pays for itself on the water bill!

barre de douche et pommeau HYDRAO
Un pommeau de douche économique

A modern shower that fits your bathroom!

In order to meet the desires and tastes of everyone, we offer our shower set with the bar shower bar, the round shower head and the flexible hose, in in two different colors: classic chrome for a for a round showerhead standard shower or black for a for an ultra modern bathroom! So don't wait any longer, you can find our knob in Leroy Merlin store!

Un pommeau de douche écologique