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Barre douche ALOE/flexible - Noir Mat

Barre douche ALOE/flexible - Noir Mat

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Barre de douche HYDRAO noir Mat

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Barre de douche équipée du pommeau HYDRAO Aloé et d'un flexible


HYDRAO, the only smart shower head that helps reduce shower time

By changing color depending on the volume of water used, HYDRAO nudges you to use the right volume of hot water to stop wasting it.
An efficient nudge technology that allows to reduce water use by 15 to 20%

Automatically save 25 to 45% * of additional hot water thanks to its ecological flow ecological flow: 9L/min without flow limiter and 6.6L / min with flow limiter.
* Comparison with a standard flow rate of 12L/min.

The advantage with HYDRAO: your shower experience is preserved thanks to a WaterSense® certified design and the 3 spray settings.

Thanks to the connectivity: personalize your challenge, monitor your consumption and appreciate your savings (in liters, kWh or euros).

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