Cereus showerhead chrome

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With HYDRAO Cereus Smart Shower Head, showering becomes eco-friendly, fun and educational.

Challenge yourself on your warm water consumption and achieve significant water and heating energy savings.

With HYDRAO you can raise adults and young peoples awareness about their water usage and reduce your warm water usage by up to 70%.

French citizens use in average 60L per shower (5 min shower) VS 20L per shower with HYDRAO.

HYDRAO Nudge system:

HYDRAO changes colour depending on the volume of water used & nudges you to use the right amount of water per shower to avoid waste.

HYDRAO WaterSense water flow:

Our range of showers have flow limiters that reduce the water flow down to WaterSense standards without reducing the comfort.

Monitor your savings and customize the threshold/color with the HYDRAO app


Plug & Play

Replaces your existing showerhead and works out-of-the-box

Measures the water consumption

For a real time indication of the volume of water used during the shower

WaterSense waterflow

Enjoy a comfortable shower experience with a WaterSense waterflow

No battery needed

The natural water-flow drives a mini-turbine to generate the power

Technical Specifications

Spray type
Multi-jet - 3 types: rain, massage, mixed
Water and energy savings with HYDRAO ecological waterflow
45% compared to a standard showerhead (12L/min)
Water and energy savings with HYDRAO Nudge system
+20% heated water saving
Max. flow rate
6.6 L/min at 2-6 bar with flow restrictor AND 9L/min without flow restrictor
Min. water pressure required
0.8 bar in the bathroom
Number of LEDs
5 LEDs for real-time feedback on water usage levels
Plug-and-Play: compatible with standard shower pipes (female 1/2")
Chrome finish
Premium (3 coats of chrome)
Dimensions (Height/Diameter)
110 mm/120 mm
Spray diffuser in silicon
✔ (protection against lime-scale)
Mineral build-up maintenance
Clean with white vinegar 2 to 4 times/year depending on local water hardness
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Patented technology
IP rating
IP65 (protection against moisture)
Included accessories
Mesh washer
WRAS, Watersense, WELS 3 star rating, ACS, FCC and CE
2 years