130€ annual savings

Measured per person on your water and energy bill
10 L 10 L 10 L 10 L
Together we saved
0000 and 0000 MWh
in 2020
In a few showers we have seen a change of behavior with the children who spend less time in the shower and oh miracle ! we finally can enjoy hot water after them!

Béné G. from Avis vérifiés

Great, product paid for itself in 6 months with the savings made. The whole family plays the game and it shows on the bills.

Cédric L. from Avis vérifiés

This shower head has made my children aware of their water consumption when they shower. Really good!

Marie D. from Avis vérifiés

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Already 0000 and 0000 MWh saved in 2018 with HYDRAO !

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Ecological & Connected Showerhead HYDRAO

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