The most enjoyable way to reduce your water usage and make significant savings.
More savings and more design for a better shower experience

  • Class A
    Water Consumption Rating
  • 6.6 L/min
    Max. water flow
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HYDRAO SmartShower
  • Anti-lime Shower Head
    Easy maintenance
  • Mutli-jet
    3 modes

HYDRAO Shower Aloe lights up the water spray with different colors depending on the amount of water used.
Powered by the shower’s natural water-flow, no external power supply is needed.
It therefore allows you to instantly control your water consumption and the energy needed to heat it.

Plug & Play

Replaces your existing showerhead and works out-of-the-box

Measures the water consumption

For a real time indication of the volume of water used during the shower

Integrated multicolor LED system

Color changes according to different customizable consumption thresholds

No battery needed

The natural water-flow drives a mini-turbine to generate the power
HYDRAO Smart Shower app

Enhance your experience with the HYDRAO Smart Shower app

Follow the tutorial to discover all the features

Personalize your HYDRAO experience

Set your water consumption thresholds and choose an associated color for each of them

Save your progress

Access your shower history to monitor your water and heating energy savings

douche Memorization of your reference shower
couleurs Set up of the 4 water usage thresholds and their associated colors
goutte d'eau Water consumption visualization
graphique History up to 1000 showers
graph Set up of the water and heating energy costs
tirelire View your water and heating energy savings


Smartphone/tablet Bluetooth 4.0 capable
Android 4.3 and above

iPhone or iPad Bluetooth 4.0 capable
iOS 7 and above